“Wagner&Verdi (1813-2013) – Complete Piano Transcriptions by Tausig and Liszt” – 2 CDs Sony Classical

CD 1 – Franz Liszt Complete Verdi Paraphrases and Transcriptions
CD 2 – Carl Tausig Complete Transcriptions and Paraphrases from Wagner’s operas


“The Italian Wagner”. CD Sony Classical

CD+Catalogue SKIRA for the exhibition “Fortuny and Wagner. Wagnerism in the visual arts in Italy”. Venice november 2012-april 2013.


M.K.Ciurlionis, un artista europeo. CD/DVD. Limen Music.

Works by Ciurlionis, Grieg, Berg, Liszt, Skrijabin.


“Franz Liszt – An Orchestra on the piano”. CD Dynamic

“Adolfo Fumagalli (1828 – 1856) – Piano Works”. CD Bottega Discantica